A Busker's Break

I had this still life composition idea for a while and I decided to commit time to finish it up. The original idea was to just have the violin but I decided to complete the set and create the violin case. Substance Painter definitely helped a great deal when it comes to creating custom materials and having access to generators allowed me to create a variety of material definitions to experiment with.

Not being a violin player, I had to do some research on the construction of the violin. I observed actual string gauge measurements and chin rest designs as well as the types of wood used to create the body and neck. Overall I came out more educated about the violin and its history.

Most of the high poly construction of the violin and case was done in 3DS Max with the exception of the case bed which was sculpted in ZBrush. The textures were baked in Marmoset and then finalized in Substance Painter.

June 7, 2019